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Professor Spin is currently under development. Our database contains 25,000 synonyms, and counting. If you have any requests, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact us:

Scheduled official launch is December 2011.
Professor Spin will remain FREE to use after that point, with no registration, and no spintax required.

Professor Spin is very economical with the truth. His services are much more suitable for respinning internet content for SEO purposes, than actual full scale plagerism. College students - don't say you weren't warned....
Professor Spin is a pretty smart guy, for a fictional computer character. He does however make the occassional mistake. It's probably a good idea to look at your newly spun article in a Word Processor application such as Miccrosoft Office, to check for weird punctuation and grammatical errors....
Incidentally, if you want to stay off Googles "duplicate content radar", it is recommended that you further edit your articles by rearranging paragraphs, and adding or removing some segments...

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